Shtrak and we break the routine

Our coffee is the best!

Dar Pazar

Valuable gifts – handmade products, the work of talented artists from 35 Bulgarian social enterprises. By purchasing from DarPazar you directly support people’s destinies, ideas, dreams and goals... Shop with a cause! Make sense!

Hall for Meetings, Events, and Collaborations

A home away from home. Shtrak has a place for you, your friends and colleagues. Rent a hall for your next event and support the activities of our shared social space. The hall has a capacity of 55 seats. See more about the space here!


Together we can create beautiful things  and be part of a creative process of solidarity and unity. By participating, you support the mission of one social enterprise that is changing Bulgaria. Join us!

We have a mission

We believe that big change, one that is lasting and progressive, thinks and connects solutions to complex problems. Overcoming the difficulties of a person with a disability is just as important as finding adequate solutions for the victims of violence, preserving the cultural significance of our historical places, and protecting biodiversity in our natural environments.

That's why Shtrak is home to the social spirit with entrepreneurial solutions. A place to connect where you can buy products to show your support for the protection of the planet's biodiversity. Here you can have coffee, a sandwich, or salad all made b people with disabilities  , you can participate in a workshop with refugee women or children deprived of parental care, with which you can directly experience the creative process of creating a product with social significance. Along with that, you will hear a wonderful story about a change that is happening in Bulgaria.
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Donate a plant and support a great cause!

Donate a plant and support a great cause!

Here is where your role comes in! Look around, find that green creeper or cactus of yours and donate it to the cause. We invite you to become part of the co-founders of our and your new green corner.

Many hearts beat in Strak, but the main initiators of the idea are: